Natural approach and the style of yoga

In autumn and winter seasonal diseases are usually involved and cold is definitely one of the most common. What, then, are the causes of the cold? Without chemical drugs, how can I treat them? Also in this paper we will find out about the causes of colds and the causes of colds for the formal medicine. You will also find natural treatments for the eradication of cold, including yoga, an outstanding partner to both prevent and reduce symptoms.


Coldness is better described in the medical language as rhinitis, a fluid inflammation. The common cold caused by viruses in the upper respiratory tract cells according to the formal medicine. This is why inflammation dilates the nasal mucosal blood vessels. Increased nasal secretions, but also fever, headache, tears and other symptoms. Different substances, such as pollen, animal hair, dust mites and food, lead to what is called allergic rhinitis.


But rather, what does META-Health say? The respiratory system is the connection between the outside and the inner world, communication, the place where energy goes into the world for life. For META-Health Breathing disorders can generally be due to surrounding environment issues, the need for “air” or space, or a lack of life satisfaction. The nose signifies in specific the “sniffing,” the stuffy nose can express a circumstance, an incident or a individual who “stinks.” Sadness, like tears that were not expressed, is connected with the runny nose. As a metapher, for example, when you feel “frozen,” you could say, “I’m feeling chilled,” but still, you don’t understand how to be moving. Another man could say “There is a runny nose,” a moment of sorrow, of a little wound which could represent non-expressed tears.

Healthy yoga lifestyles and habits

Healthy yoga and natural way of dealing with cold In the event of cold, balsamic oils are among the natural remedies that provide advantages. Fluidizing and helping to remove surplus mucus. Eucalyptus and pine oil are very efficient among the simplest balsamic essential oils on the market. Two three goodies may be added to the honey or sugar teaspoon to swallow it twice a day. To placed a moisturizer on your pot to promote night respiration and to create fumigations in boiling water. Tea tree oil is also an outstanding antiviral and anti-inflammatory oil, which can even help you relax and increase your day and exercise. Mallow, thyme, chamomile, you can use these herbs three times a day as a decoction to prevent inflammation and decongestant disease.

Other natural substances

We can discover propolis in mother tincture or in tablets other natural substances that stimulate the immune system. Yoga itself can be used to decrease symptoms and deter future colds. Yoga is certainly a natural solution. In addition, the exercise of certain asanas can immediately relieve you. There are certain positions Yoga gives us to open up the chest and release the airways. This contributes to the body’s healing, besides attaining a state of calm and relaxation.

Asanas that we can recommend

Some asanas that are advisable to alleviate cold symptoms are:
  • Balasana (Child pose): sit on your heels with your open knees and bend your fingers together. Stretch forward your arms and lean on the floor your front (hold 10 breaths in place).
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana: hands and knees on the floor. Stretch the legs out and lift the pelvis (hold 5 breaths in place).
  • Uttanasana: Keep your feet a little bigger than hips at a distance. Fold forward your top body. Open the chest (keep 5 breaths in place).
  • Sirsasana: Place your forearms on the floor if you are an expert. Elbows below your shoulders, cross and hold your fingers
  • Halasana (Plow pose): it on the mat, lift your bearings and turn back over your head: Keep your arms relaxed beside your head (keep 5 breaths stance).
  • Sarvangasana (Candle pose): Lay on the mat, lift up your torso and legs over your shoulders, Keep your hands and knees bent back (keep 5 breaths in place).
Surya Namaskara is also helpful for other methods, not only for the cold but for many other issues too. Yoga warming, also known as Sun greeting, par excellence.

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