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WPForms vs. TypeForm (Compared)

WPForms vs. TypeForm (Compared)

Are you searching for alternate of TypeForm? In case you’re wanting so as to add forms or surveys to your web site, you should look for a form builder plugin that may help you to do this easily. However with so many form builder plugins out there, it may be tough shortlist the most effective one to fit your requirements.

On this article, we’ll examine WPForms vs. TypeForm so as to uncover which form builder plugin will help you to easily build contact forms and surveys in your WordPress web site.

What to expect from a Form Builder

When searching for the most effective form builder plugins, it’s good to spend time noting down carefully at each of your requirements in order to find out which solution is finest for you. The form builder you choose depends on the particular needs of your web site.

If you wish to build contact forms in your web site, it’s good to take a look at contact form plugins that provides all the functionalities you want. Need to add surveys to your web site? You’ll need a form builder that gives these capabilities. Moreover, if you’d like the ability to have both, you need to lookfor a form builder that lets you create contact forms in addition to more advanced conversational forms and surveys.

Usually, there are a variety of things you must take into consideration when selecting a form builder, including the following:

We’ll go over every of those pointers in our comparison of WPForms vs. TypeForm, let’s begin.

Overview: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm is a standalone software, also referred to as SAAS (software as a service) software that focuses on online form building and online surveys. TypeForm focuses on creating surveys which can be fun for your viewers to fill out utilizing their conversational format and ones that look nice with their distinctive styling.

Together with surveys, you may also build contact forms, quizzes, buyer feedback forms, shopping carts, and many more things. TypeForm offers a lot of pre-designed templates that can assist you build a form very quickly and their form builder lets you create forms 1 question at a time.


WPForms is the most well-known and most user friendly form builder plugin in the marketplace. With their drag and drop builder, you can very easily create on-line forms in your web site in a matter of minutes, with out having to touch a line of code in any way. WPForms makes it easy to build powerful contact forms, survey forms, on-line order forms, e-mail subscription forms, and a lot more.

WPForms provides a wide variety of pre-built form templates to get you started very quickly on building a form that meets your actual requirements. Plus, all of the forms you create will be 100% mobile friendly, which means your web site guests can access them from their desktops, tablets, or mobile phone.

Features: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm’s main function is the flexibility to create conversational forms. Conversational forms help keep customers engaged and provides a greater user experience. As an alternative of filling in their answer and scrolling down to the next question, with conversational forms customers are automatically taken to the next question. It is more interactive and pleasant for web site users.

When creating conversational forms, TypeForm additionally offers a Logic Jump feature to make your forms smarter. This function lets you ask totally different questions primarily based on the person’s reply to the earlier questions in addition to present personalised endings primarily based on the answers given.

TypeForm additionally provides options like a calculator to do simple calculations in your forms and hidden fields that you can use to populate your questions and results table with data you have already got on file. Additionally it give the functions of file uploads, the ability to accept funds, respondent notifications, and simple integration with top apps like Google Sheets and Mailchimp.


WPForms provides a lot of superior features right out of the box that can assist you to create highly effective contact forms and surveys, in addition to a wide selection of different forms of forms as well.

With their Poll/Survey addon, you can easily create a poll or survey for your WordPress website. The Poll/Survey addon comes with a lot of distinctive form fields to create a powerful form for your online business together with a number of choice, checkboxes, star ratings, Likert scale, Net Promoter Score, and more.

What’s even more thrilling is that WPForms lets you create conversational forms as well.

Now you’ll be able to create more interactive forms that increase form completion and reduce form abandonment with WPForms too. The full-page conversational form format makes your on-line forms more personal, like a face-to-face dialog with a buddy.

WPForms additionally provides smart conditional logic that works both with conversational forms and different form types so you’ll be able to create highly-personalized forms primarily based on the answers from customers.

With WPForms you additionally get interactive survey reports with real-time insights, you’ll also be able to show real-time results from polls in your web site. This form builder plugin additionally provides you the flexibility to accept on-line funds with Stripe and PayPal and it very easily integrates with all the top email marketing services.

WPForms additionally provides a bunch of distinctive fields and features in your forms that TypeForm doesn’t provide which includes:

Winner: WPForms

Ease of Use: WPForms vs. TypeForm


With TypeForm it’s pretty simple to create a survey or on-line form. You can begin with one of their pre-designed templates. They’ve a variety of templates designed for surveys and questionnaires, feedback, registrations, applications, and more.

When you select a template it comes with pre-written questions. If you wish to change them, just click on on the textual content and begin writing. Selecting the questions in your form is simple enough however customizing your form for design or adding a new question can turn into a bit more complicated for someone who doesnt have any experience with coding.

So far as making a contact form in your web site, there’s no easy option to do it. They don’t have any templates for it so it’s a must to begin from scratch. Plus, you may not just add fields to your form, it’s a must to write a query first.

Also, to add your on-line form to your web site, you will need to copy and paste the code TypeForm offers into your web page’s HTML where you need it to show, which will also be a tough job for someone who doesnt have any experience with coding.


Alternatively, inexperienced persons will find WPForms to be extremely user-friendly. With WPForms you’ll be able to simply make contact forms and even complicated conversational forms or surveys in minutes.

First, WPForms offers pre-built templates for quite a lot of things, together with a easy contact form, request a quote form, billing/order form, donation form, suggestion form, appointment booking form, and a lot more. Every template offers you with all the fields you will need to begin.

Customizing your forms is simple with WPForm’s drag and drop builder. In case you don’t need a field, delete it with 1 click on of a button. You’ll be able to simply add new fields by dragging them from the left side to the right side. You can even rearrange the form fields utilizing the drag and drop functionality.

If you wish to convert any of your forms into conversational forms with WPForm’s new conversational forms function, you’ll be able to do that with 1 click on of a button.

Plus, adding your form to your WordPress website is tremendous simple with WPForms — no need to touch any code. With simply 2 clicks you’ll be able to add your form to any web page of your web site or to any post in your web site. Additionally, WPForms comes with a widget that lets you show your type within the sidebar, footer, or other widget areas of a website.

Winner: WPForms

Pricing: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm provides three pricing plans: Free, Professional, and Professional+. With all the plans, you’ll be able to create unlimited forms. However with the Free plan, you’ll be able to only get 100 responses monthly and you’ll only be able to add 10 questions to each form.

If you would like the flexibility to collect unlimited responses and add unlimited fields, you will need to upgrade to the Professional plan which is $30 monthly. Additionally, you’ll be able to only access their advanced fields and options like logic jump, file upload, and payment if you join the Professional plan — they aren’t accessible with the free plan.

Moreover, if you’d like to have the ability to remove the TypeForm branding, you will have to choose the most costly plan, Professional+, which will cost you $59 monthly.


WPForms provides four different pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite. Their plans vary from $39.50 per yr to $299.50 per yr. Their pricing is great for web site owners who’re simply beginning out and need entry to highly effective options while still staying on price range.

Plus, even with the least expensive plan, you continue to get the flexibility to create and receive unlimited forms, smart conditional logic, advanced fields, and a lot more.

If you wish to get access to robust features like payment integration and conversational forms, you’ll need to choose the most popular plan, Pro, for $199.50 per yr.

Winner: WPForms

Support: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm provides quite a lot of support for their customers. They provide a packed Help Center with documentation that can assist you with creating your form, integration, sharing and embedding your form, managing your account, and a lot more.

TypeForm additionally has a useful weblog filled with tips and tricks. You even have the choice of contacting their support team but they only offers support during business hours Monday – Friday and offer limited assistance  throughout evenings and weekends. So, in case you run into an issue, you may not get the speediest response.


WPForms provides a lot of different avenues for their customers to access assistance. So, it doesn’t matter what your preference for finding solutions to your issues, WPForms has got you covered. You’ll be able to access their support ticket system right from your account and so they typically reply to help requests within 24 hours on weekdays.

Additionally, they have a Documentation section that gives you with tutorials in categories such as Getting Started, Functionality, Styling, Addons, Account Management, and a lot more.

WPForms also has a superior, regularly updated weblog that’s filled with tutorials, tips, and advice that usually includes step-by-step screenshots and video instructions.

Winner: WPForms

Conclusion: WPForms vs. TypeForm: Which Form Builder is Best for you?

In case you’re searching for a plugin that offers you the flexibility to simply create quite a lot of forms in your web site, such as contact forms, registration forms, and surveys, WPForms is your best option.

With WPForms, you get access to highly effective on-line form features and fields that will give your forms the added power your online business needs — with out having to spend a a lot of money. Plus, it’s very user-friendly, even for complete newbies.

Get Started with WPForms Today!


If you wish to create a design-focused form in your web site or to share on social media, TypeForm is a good option. However, if you’d like a form builder solution in your web site with all of the robust features you want, you’ll need to go for their costly plan. Make sure to decide what options you want and what your price range is before committing to TypeForm.

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