How To Track Email Opens And Link Clicks

Today we are going to discuss how to track email opens and link clicks.

WPForms included a slew of new capabilities in this release that will help you track and manage your WordPress emails like never before.

Track Email Opens And Link Clicks

Track Email Opens and Clicks

Do you want to know how many people have opened and clicked on your site’s emails?

You now have the power of email and click tracking at your fingertips if you’re a Pro customer.

You can simply determine if the emails you’re sending are getting the attention they deserve by using email open and click tracking.

If you’re looking for a game-changing feature, this is it.

  • Send sales emails or newsletters directly from WordPress.
  • If you manage a WooCommerce store, you’ll want to make sure that order emails are being received.
  • You sell online courses and want to track how many people open important course alerts.

Simply enable email logging and tracking, and you’re done. In any HTML email sent from your site, the plugin will begin capturing clicks and opens.

This fantastic new Pro feature will allow you to quickly determine whether or not your emails are being read. There’s no need to make any changes to your email templates or links.

And we’re not even close to being finished!

Resend WordPress Emails

You requested an easy way to resend your WordPress emails, and WPForms delivered. Resending was, in fact, one of the most requested additions this year.

WPForms were able to hear you loud and clear!

WPForms’s Pro clients can now resend emails directly from the WordPress email log as of today.

You can click and resend a critical email straight away if you find it has failed to send.

You can send it to the original recipient or modify the email address if you wish to forward it to someone else using WP Mail SMTP.

WPForms also introduced a bulk resend capability when we implemented this Resend option, so you can effortlessly resend many emails with one click.

Our intelligent queueing system will stagger email delivery. So, no matter how many emails you need to resend, your site will not slow down.

That brings us to another feature that we’re sure you’ve been looking forward to…

Save Email Attachments

We’re sure you’d like to save attachments in WordPress as well. It’s much easier with our new Pro release!

Each attachment is preserved together with the original email when you enable this functionality.

Are you concerned about email attachments using up valuable disc space? Don’t be that way. You’ll always be in control since when you erase a log, the attachments are also deleted.

Also, if you’re storing attachments, our new Resend feature will resend them automatically!

EML Export

The XLSX and CSV log export features in our most recent release were a big hit with our users. So, in this edition, we took it a step further by adding an EML export function to Pro.

You can now:

  • Individual emails can be exported as EML files and opened in any email client.
  • Export numerous EML files in one ZIP file in bulk.

When you view emails in EML format, you can see exactly what was sent. It’s a fantastic feature for anyone who wants to ensure that their email templates appear exactly as they should, or who wants to keep track of sent emails visually.

Network Aggregated Email Log

Finally, something special for our multisite customers!

We wanted to fix the issue of having to log into each subsite to view your email logs as soon as possible.

You may now load all of your subsites’ email logs in one spot to save time.

For network admins on multisite deployments, our 2.9 Pro version introduces a new aggregated email log. The new dropdown may be seen right here on the email log page:

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to retrieve email logs from the main site’s email log page if you’re a network administrator.

Working with a large number of subdomains? It’s no problem! We made the dropdown searchable so you can quickly get to any site’s log file.

This multisite update is included in our 2.9 Pro version, and here’s the best part: if you want, you can still give each site its own settings page.


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