The Best Survey Software For WordPress

Are you searching for the best WordPress survey plugin?

Surveys allow customer input to be gathered so that you can make use for business improvement. In this piece we will look at the best survey plugin available in the market for WordPress.

Which functions to look for in a WordPress Survesy Plugins?

You can obtain user reviews from your website in a variety of ways. You can add a contact form, make surveys, ask users to leave comments, etc.

It is a little more relevant to add a survey. To get full user engagement, you make it appealing, enjoyable and simple.

A successful survey plugin looks fantastic and easy to use. For surveys, reporting is important. Therefore, you must ensure that your user submitted information is saved with an export option so that it can be used in a tablet or in a CRM app.

You must also know how to communicate the results of the survey. You will need a plugin to integrate the survey results into a nice format if you want to view the results on your website.

That said, let’s take a look at one of the best survey plugins for WordPress and how all its features.

WPForms is the perfect solution for survey plugin in WordPress. It includes a powerful surveys and polls feature, which enables the creation of highly engaging survey forms quickly.

The surveys and addons can be paired with other powerful features such as conditional logic, multi-page forms, customizable notifications, integration with e-mail, and more.

You can use WPForms to add any form fields to your survey, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, ratings, likert and NPS scores, etc.

The reporting section is the best component of the WPForms surveys. WPForms generates detailed reports based on survey responses automatically with graphs and diagrams. You can display the results of surveys with a shortcode on any WordPress page or redirect the users to the results page after the survey has been completed.

Contrary to other WordPress plugins, WPForms will also accept survey reports for all of your existing forms.

You can export elegant survey charts as photos that you can post on social networks or presentations at your powerpoint. The reports can also be printed to your suggestions or pitches.

WPForms has recently started its conversational format mode that increases form completion by making your form interaction more user friendly.

WPForms offers Survey Monkey and Typeform’s enterprise-level functionality at an economic price for small businesses. This is why more than 3 million website owners are now using it.

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