Some Of The Best Solar Flag Pole Lights

Looking for a beautiful and sophisticated Solar Flag Pole Lights? Find the best collection of high-powered solar flag lights within your budget to brighten up your flag after dusk.

Whatever your lighting needs, we are confident that our collection will give everything you have been looking for. In fact, you will find smart lights that operate automatically by sending the brightness of the surrounding and turns itself on as soon as the sun goes down.

Even if you have architectural versatility in mind and would like something lightweight that doesn’t take the focus off your, our flagpole lights collection will give a wonderful variety of options to choose from. You can pick the size of solar panels depending on size of flag and flagpole you want to illuminate.

Our range of low-cost and easy-at home installation will make it easy for you to not only install the light quickly but also operate it well. There’s no wiring or trenching required.

So, be considerate of the environment, cut your carbon footprint and show some love for your country by choosing a wise solar flag light from our spectacular collection.

Browse through our range of durable, beautiful and lightweight Solar Flag Lights now.

Round aluminum head flagpole light W/Cree LED

Bold and brazen; blazing an ever bright and steady trail that promises security and safety in its tracks, JY8-831 is a major standout in the midst of its kind. It features a single and most efficient 3W Cree 390Lm white LED that is powered by a 3.7V-4000mA Lithium rechargeable battery. The combo is one that truly defines quality, durability and all solar light standards. With its energy being sourced from a timeless 6V-3W solar panel, the solar light lasts up to 12 hours when fully charged; switching between night and day through the button switch programmed to automatically detect the diurnal differences.

The Cree LED is protected by a glass panel, and borne within an aluminum head centered in a concave reflective plate that further enhances and spreads the reach of the light. The mount is designed to allow for 1800 freedom of adjustment for the setup as a whole, or individual linear adjustment of either the solar panel or the light. It can be attached to a slender pole using the stainless steel brackets. Rated IP65, the all-aluminum body, glass panel and stainless steel bracket go a long way to assure the durability of the light while protecting the fittings from water and particles.


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