Reasons WPForms Is The Best Form Builder

Are you tired with developing WordPress bloated contact form with buggy plugins? May be you have not tried  WPForms, the most beginner-friendly plugin forms in the WordPress ecosystem. In this overview of WPForms, we will look at its functions, add-ons, and what makes WPForms the most intuitive WordPress plugin in the market.

Why your site needs a plugin to create a form

A contact form for any WordPress website, whatever niche or traffic it contains, is essential.

You can protect against spammers and hackers using a contact form. By using a contact form rather than showing your email address you will make your WordPress site safer. This protects you from spammers sending unwanted offers and phishing messages. You can also secure your mail.

You can also save time by using forms. You may define the appropriate information by using a contact form, if you are reaching your visitors and potential customers.

You can also incorporate additional features including a subscription email newsletter in your contact form by using the best WordPress form plug-in. This helps you to track and establish a long-standing relationship with your website’s visitors .

Create WordPress forms easily in minutes

WordPress’s creation of online forms was never simpler with WPForms.

WPForms claims to be the best beginner-friendly builder of WordPress form and highlights the ease it provides for creating a WordPress form.

With WPForms, you don’t have to employ a WordPress developer to build a WordPress form, or even touch a single line of code. In just a couple of minutes you should be able to create a form, you can create a simple contact form or a complicated form, such as registration form or payment form.

Does WPForms live up to their expectations as the most beginner-friendly form builder for WordPress?? Let’s take a look:

1. This WordPress form builder is strong and user friendly.

You can easily create any form in just a few minutes without having to touch code with the easy-to-use drag and drop builder from WPForms.

Form fields can be added and deleted with just one click. Moreover, with drag and drop, you can easily reorder the fields according to your needs.

o2. You can choose from hundreds of form templates

You do not need to create a WordPress form from scratch with WPForms. The core plugin is packaged with numerous pre-built form templates, from which to select:

  • Blank Form
  • Simple Contact Form
  • Request a Quote Form
  • Donation Form
  • Billing / Order Form
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Poll and Survey Form
  • And more … And much more …

Would you like to make a WordPress form optimized for your industry or your niche? Then you need to instal the form templates pack addon.

You can select from a wide selection of readymade templates for every industry with the additional Templates Form Pack. You will find the correct form template in WPForms regardless of the industry you are in. You save time because you don’t always have to create a form from scratch.

Rather, just search the template you want to use and click on it once it appears. Your form should be automatically generated now. You can proceed and publish the form after making the required changes.

3. Connect your Post / Page with WPForm easily

You do not have to copy and paste the shortcode manually to insert a form into a post or website. Instead, head over to the editor where you want your form to be embedded. Just above the text editor, press the Add Form button. Now you are asked to select the correct form in a pop up. Choose the correct form and press the Add Form button.

Build advanced forms in minutes

It’s easy to generate an advanced form with WPForms. Consider many examples of how WPForms allow you to quickly and easily create advanced WordPress forms.

1. Build a poll / survey form

You can easily run a survey or poll on your Website with the Surveys or Polls addon. You also get best-in – class WPForms survey results.

In conjunction with conditional logic, the survey questions can also be customised on the basis of user responses.

WPForms also helps you to post your results publicly on your website or on social media with followers.

2. Build a Custom Login / Registration Form

You may want to build a custom login form for your site if you are running a community-led website such as memberships, forums , social networks or any other sites requiring users to register an account. The key advantage is that you can insert a customised login or registration form anywhere on your web.

You may not have to direct users to the default login page in this way. You can show a custom brand to your users by creating a custom login page, giving your site a more professional look.

3. Use WPForms to collect Payments

WPForms makes it simple for you to accept your non-profit donations or receive payments for digital downloads.

Payments can be accepted via the regular PayPal or integration with Stripe.

WPForms also enables photos of the items to be shown in the order form to give customers a summary of what they are buying.

4. Create a Post Submission Form

Would you like to accept guest posts on your website?

User created content including guest posts, user reviews, testimonials on your website without the need to provide backend access to any user can be accepted with the addon WPForm’s Post Submission. When a post is sent through your post form, it is a new post that is still pending in your post editor.

You can publish or even discard the post after making the required changes.

All the functionalities out of the box

Without any redundant content, WPForms provides all the features of the package.

All field forms are categorized into the standard fields, fancy fields and payment fields.

  • Standard fields contains common field types Name , email, single line text, paragraph text, drop-down, multiple choice etc.
  • Fancy Fields includes fields such as phone number, Upload files, Site / URL, Captcha, Page Break etc.
  • Credit card, total (amount), single item, multiple item (payment), etc. are included in payment fields.

For web and server performance WPForms is highly optimised to guarantee full speed. You may also use a CDN service to improve the speed of your web.

Each form you make is 100% mobile, so your forms are responsive on all devices.

Best of all, anywhere in your website, if you have blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footer etc, you can easily insert your forms. All you need to do is take the shortcode to insert it, or use the built-in widget, where you want to insert it.

You can also build multi-page forms with WPForms, allow uploading files, showing or hiding fields with conditional logic, and much more.

Dozens of integrations with extra add-ons

WPForms also has a large array of add-ons to improve its integrated functionality and integrate them with other common Cloud and E-Mail marketing tools.

Let ‘s look at a couple of the add-ons below.

Integrations of email marketing: You can automatically add subscribers from any type to your email list. WPForms allows integrations with the following email marketing software tools:

  • Constant Contact (no addon required)
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • GetResponse

Custom Captcha: Fight spam on form filing with Custom Captcha enabled. You may either specify your own questions or random math questions.

Geolocation: Capture and store location data of your visitors to your website along with their entry form.

Payment Processors: Build donation forms or order forms by including your form with PayPal or Stripe.

Post Submission: Creating a post-submission form in front end and start to accept user-generated content such as guest posts, user reviews and much more without your visitors logging in.

Signature: Create a contract form or an agreement form and let users use their mouse or touch screen to sign the contract online.

User Registration: Set up a user login form and incorporate it into your website, enabling users to create their own account without visiting the default wordpress login page.

Zapier: Link your application form to over 500 Web applications. The integration choices are infinite with this addition.

Surveys and Polls: Create and analyse interactive data, and format surveys and forms.

Form Abandonment: Connect to your visitors even if they have halfway given up the form.

Offline Forms: Save data for the form in the browser when the internet is restored and send data.

Form Templates Pack: Pick a wide range of pre-constructed templates to save your time.

WPForms Plugin Pricing and Help

WPForms is ideally fit for websites of all sizes and budgets. This is the most important thing about this.

You will find the WPForms plugin incredibly helpful, be it a forum, small businesses, non-profit organisation, eCommerce company or any other website.

You can start with the lite version which is available to download from the WordPress Official plugin repository free of charge if you don’t have a budget for a contact form plugin or want to test the basic features before spending on the premium version.

For a single site licence, the price for the standard edition starts at $31.60. In addition, the Form Templates Pack addon can be accessed.

The most popular package is Pro, which allows you to access all 25 site add-on and a one-year priority support costing $159.60.

They also offer an Elite package with unlimited pages, multi-site support for WordPress and customer management at $239.60.

The ticket-based e-mail support system offers support. The support staff in the WPForms is swift and highly rated. In their comprehensive documentation, all the features and add-ons are well explained, with step-by – step guidance and instructions.

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