How To Integrate Mailchimp With WPForms

Wanna learn how to create a form in WordPress for the subscription Mailchimp? Adding a Mailchimp registration form to your website can be an exciting way of building a larger email marketing list.

How To Integrate Mailchimp With WPForms

We will show you in this article how to create a WordPress subscription form using Mailchimp.

Step 1: Create a Mailchimp subscription form in WordPress.

Installing and activating the plugin is the first thing you will need to do. Go to Mailchimp plugins, and then install and activate mailchimp plugin.

Now go to WPForms next » and search for the Mailchimp Addon. Then install Mailchimp Addon and activate it.

How To Integrate Mailchimp With WPForms

Once the addon is active, go to WPForms » Add new to create a new form. When the new form is activated.

Name your form on the settings screen and choose the Sign-up Form Newsletter template.

A simple newsletter registration form is created by WPForms.

Further fields can be added from the left panel in the right hand panel by dragging them.

To make any changes, click on the field. You can also click and drag the form field to reorganise your order on the subscription form of your Mailchimp.

The GDPR Agreement field is one of the most important fields in your registration form.

This form helps you create GDPR-compliant forms by providing visitors to your website with explicit consent to the stocking and email marketing material for their personal data.

Keep in mind that you just need to click on the form box to make changes to the GDPR form field default language.

To use the GDPR form field, the GDPR enhancements checkbox is to go to WPForms » Settings.

In doing that, you can make it much easier for you to fulfil the GDPR enhancement features WPForms have.

Actually, you are in a position to:

Deactivate user cookies
Unable user data, including User Agent and IP addresses
For your WordPress forms, access the GDPR form field

After the form has been customised, click Save. Save.

Now, we will look for how to set Mailchimp settings to enable you to connect to the newsletter service with your subscription form.

Step 2: Link your Mailchimp Form

Go to Marketing » Mailchimp to connect the newsletter registration form with Mailchimp.

Next, click Add New Connection.

A box will appear and you’ll be asked to name this connection.

Enter your name because it’s just for your reference and click OK.

You must add your Mailchimp API Key on the next screen. By registering for the Mailchimp account, you can do this.

Go to Your Profile » Extras » Keys for APIs.

Copy your API Key into WPForms and paste them in it. Then click Add New Connection to confirm this.

When entering your API key, do this:

  • Choose your account Mailchimp
  • Choose the list of emails you want when you subscribe to
  • If you subscribe to your Mailchimp account, click the email address and any other fields you want added to your Mailchimp account.
  • Activate conditional logic if your form is applicable
  • Enable the option double if you prefer

If you are interested in letting the mailing list your visitors wish to join, see our helpful guide on how to allow the Mailchimp list to be selected for users.

Click Save after setting these settings.

Step 3: Set up notifications for your subscription form

Notifications are an excellent way of sending an e-mail when you submit your subscription form on your website.

You can send a WPForms email to yourself, without disabling the notifications of the form.

Also, by adding their emails to the Send to email address field you can send a notification to your team member.

In addition, you can send a form notice to your site visitor if you are using smart tags, so that they know they have received their form.

Step 4: Set up your confirmation for subscription form.

Confirmations are a good way to inform your visitors of the form they submitted immediately.

WPForms allows you to select from three types of comfirmations:

  • Message. Message. This type of confirmation shows a simple message as a visitor submits his or her form to inform the user of their form.
  • Page Show. This type of confirmation will take visitors to a particular web page of your web page. See our tutorial about site visitors being redirected to a thank you page, as well as our guide for efficient Thanks pages.
  • Use the URL (Redirect). This last type of confirmation will send visitors to another website.

Step 5: Add the Mailchimp subscription form on your site

You need to add it to your website after creating your Mailchimp subscription form.

You can add form in WPForms to your blog posts, pages and even as a sidebar widget in several locations.

Let’s check out the embed option for post/page. Start with the creation of a new WordPress post or page and click the Add Form button.

Next, from the Dropdown menu click Add Form. Choose your subscription form.

Finally, publish your post or page to show your subscription form on your website.

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