hCaptcha- Google’s ReCaptcha Alternative

It is not only necessary, but should be easy to keep your website forms safe and spam free.

This is why we are pleased to present you with new hCaptcha integration that can be used for all WPForms users.

But there is more! On the basis of your reviews, WPForms has expanded their integration with latest Sendinblue marketing add-on.

Secure Form with hCaptcha

WPForms enhanced its integrated spam prevention earlier this year, helped you to secure your forms much better. But we know that many people wish to add another security layer that utilises state-of-the-art AI technology.

Their recent hCaptcha integration gives you more opportunities when taking CAPTCHA services into consideration.

hCaptcha is a free tool that assists you by asking questions to show that your users are human. It make sure that spam is not allowed on your form. They use advanced computer and AI training to separate human users from spam.

HCaptcha, with a focus on privacy is a popular alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA. They are compliant with recent regulations like GDPR and CCPA on their privacy policies.

If you dont have any Google account, or worried about their privacy policy or have problems with google platform, or simply wish not to use google services and want to block spam and malicious traffic on your webforms, hCaptcha makes it easy for you to get your free service started.

We made it easy, of course, to add to your forms as well.

You can now see the choice for hCaptcha or Google reCAPTCHA in the settings of WPForms.

If you want your end-users to have the best experience with submitting forms, but do not want to use reCAPTCHA in Google, hCaptcha is the best option for you to protect your forms from bots, spam and break-ins while keeping your details confidential. 

You can do things like set the Fail Message, activate No-Conflict mode and even get a preview of your CAPTCHA, similar to reCAPTCHA settings. At the same time looking super professional at the front-end of your form.

And because WPForms have added additional functionality, they wanted to ensure that these settings are transparent in the form builder. So, in the form creator, they made more detailed CAPTCHA button.

Now you can see your choice right in the builder after you choose your CAPTCHA service. So you can simply jump on a form and click on the hCaptcha button to enter its settings once your settings are enabled.

WPForms are really excited to add hCaptcha to WPForms and hope that this additional feature enables the development of intelligent communication forms that suit the needs of your website.

Incorporate e-mail marketing with WPForms

WPForms have a brand new email marketing integration For you.  

You requested more options from email marketers, and WPForms heard you. It has been streamlined for you to connect your form with new Sendinblue addon to your email marketing service.

This integration of WPForms and Sendinblue allows you to use even more exciting resources to expand your email marketing in both services.

Sendinblue provides superior customer relationship management with tools such as chat, SMS and email marketing.

And you can sync all your contact forms directly with your Sendinblue email marketing lists via our integration. In other words, you can better connect with your customers and sell more of your products.

You will be able to use the following functions with WPForms addon automatically:

Add Subscribers to your List  
Unsubscribe Users
Delete Users
Track Events

Syncing WPForms into your Sendinblue account will help to coordinate your marketing efforts and improve sales of your website. Customers with WPForms Plus plans or higher are equipped with the Sendinblue addon.

Wrapping Up

Thats all we have for now on the new functions with WPForms . We genuinely hope that you will benefit greatly from the new function hCaptha and WPForms integration in Sendinblue.

WPForms’s goal is always to facilitate the management of your website for small businesses. So please let us know if you have any ideas about how we should do this or thoughts on these new features.



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