Google AdWords alternatives

You can promote your brand and goods online with these Google AdWords alternatives. AdWords is good but in case you cant use it there are equally good alternatives to it.

Google AdWords alternatives

Google AdWords alternatives

Bing Ads

Bing is Google’s largest and main rival, the Microsoft search engine. Although the market share of Bing is very small, relative to other Google alternatives it is still large. Any marketers may have a great deal of interest in this, as it means they can achieve a reasonably large target audience (in 2017 Bing reportedly had a market share of over 30% in the US). Simultaneously, rivalry is far less than Google.

Like Google, Bing Ads also works with keywords through a bidding system. You nevertheless put an application on an ad space for a particular search word rather than booking an ad on the search engine. Any time a user conducts a search, the ad spaces obtain an automatic auction. This form is referred to as a real-time auction because the device determines who wins, i.e. in practically real-time, in a matter of milliseconds.

Since Bing, however, appears to have far less advertisers in one spot, offers are often lower. For smaller companies that want to advertise with very common search conditions, this may particularly be interesting. You just have to pay as an advertiser if someone actually clicks the ad – this concept is referred to as ‘pay per click’ (PPC). Besides, Bing has an interesting delivery network: since the search engine belongs to the ‘Yahoo! In the Yahoo! search engine, advertisements for the bing’ network are also shown.

Bing differs little from its major rival when it comes to ad formats. In addition to the normal text advertisements in the search results mentioned directly, other text with links often appear in the immediate vicinity of the actual results. This are seen in the form of commercial advertising. As part of those illustrated commercials, Bing also reveals the price of the commodity.

Yahoo! Gemini

Both search engines have their longest service, as does their own ads. It is to be remembered, however, that Yahoo! Gemini has only been around since 2014 and particular attention is given to mobile search engine publicity. Like Bing, when it comes to user numbers, Yahoo! lies far behind Google. Therefore, all AdWords provide a simple service that enables you to transfer data to Google. Yahoo! Gemini also encourages the development of new commercials and promotions as it has a very similar operating system to major competitors.


In the marketing world, Amazon is becoming an increasingly important business. The value of the local search feature is also increasing as the variety of items on the web (including Amazon Marketplace) is expandsing. Most consumers search the search bar and then obtain sorted search results in order to locate their items. Many consumers now even use Amazon to find items and deals. This has made Amazon both SEO and SEA a very important region. As the e-commerce site now appears to have a demand for almost any product with many rivals, it is of utmost importance for the consumers to be visible there.


Facebook is not only an arena that facilitates social media marketing, but is also the global pioneer in social media that receives the most from the selling of advertising space. Unlike the (in principle) free (viral) marketing campaigns, ads can be very costly in this area. Both mixed advertising formats and more conventional displays are on the social media site. The first can be accomplished by promoting the content you have made. By raising your charge, Facebook distributes the post to more users than only those who follow your company profile.


Like Outbrain, Taboola is a network delivery of content and is a strong alternative to Google AdWords. At best, Taboola and its competitor Outbrain are very slight in their distinctions. Creating a campaign works just as well as with the latter: You can get your content marketing campaign online in just three steps – pick, configure content, select reach and budget details, enter account information. However, the option of material is something else. Taboola allows you to support landing pages as well as whole websites, while Outbrain only allows individual posts. But the connection to a homepage or directory is not permitted in compliance with the guidelines


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