Best WordPress Polls Plugin For Your Website

Now, the WPForms Surveys and Polls addon is available for download.

Now you can create interactive surveys and polls for your WordPress site using the WPForms form-drag & drop builder.

Best WordPress Polls Plugin For Your Website

Users had been requesting this feature for quite some time and now this feature has been added to the WPForms plugin which we believe to be the best WordPress survey and polls plugin in the market.

In comparison to other plugins for WordPress surveys that lack adequate analysis and reporting, WPForms emphasise the development of best-in-class reporting to help you see the results and decide data-driven to grow your company.

Without having to pay a monthly high subscription fee or show some branding from third parties, WPForms objective is to help you create beautiful, complex surveys with ease. Basically, the same usability as WPForms with more powerful features is best known for.

Just look at the features that make our WPForms survey addon stand out.

Smart Survey Fields

Unlike other WordPress formats which creates duplicate fields and cause confusion for users, we have decided to integrate the survey features fully within existing form fields, .

You do not have to fill out a form with a “Survey Radio Button” field. You can convert every current form on your website into a survey form with a single click.

When the survey or survey option is activated, all forms are transformed into intelligent survey fields.

This include: text box, dropdown box, radio buttons, boxes, rating box etc.

A new field Likert Scale has also been added. For surveys, Likert scales or matrix questions are extremely important.

Best-in-class Survey Reports

We have made a number of changes to the database structure in past WPForms releases in order to offer the best survey reports. Now, what makes survey reports from WPForms better than others?

1. Delightful visual reports you can personalize:

A real-time report with the highest viewpoints selected for each sort of question is automatically created through our real-time insight.

You can change the type of display that suits your needs best.

2. Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms

One of the reasons why we decided to convert existing form fields into smart survey fields is to allow survey reporting on old forms retroactively.

Edit any existing form and activate the Settings tab to enable survey reporting.

You don’t have to ask your users again the same questions. No other solution forms can do this in my knowledge!

This is why WPForms is the best polls plugin in market.

3. Real-time Polls Report

You can show the results for each user directly after submitting the form by using WPForms’ real-time poll reports.

In a post, page, or basically any other area of the WordPresse website, you can embed your surveys in your WordPress sidebar widgets.

4. Export / Share Individual Charts

Whether you do this internally in company presentations or in your website/social media profiles, we know that sharing your survey results will be very important.

We have added the option of exporting individual chart(s) as PDF or JPG with just one click besides being able to export the entire survey report.

This should make it super easy in your presentations, blog post, or social media posts for you to use these beautiful charts.

5. Customizable Print Styles

In the event that you work on a written proposal and have the reports to print, we will also cover you.

Our survey addon features lovely print styles so your survey reports can be easily printed.

By selecting specific questions and visualisation styles, you can also customise the printed report.

Powerful Survey Logic

Our strong conditional logic has been expanded to help you personalise your survey questions on the basis of previous user answers. This means that each time you gather the insights you need to take data-driven decisions, you can ensure that your viewers receive a Wow experience.

We have also added the option to make the order of items random in the fields for your multi-choice / radio button so that your survey results can avoid the choice of bias.

To enable the Randomize option, simply go to the Advanced Options tab.

New Form Templates

Without our signature form templates, a release of this size will not be complete.

In the WordPress forms industry, WPForms pioneered the concept of form templates. We have included a survey and polls addon that allows you to quickly create a survey or poll form by adding two new form templates.

This announcement is all about this. We hope that you like the new WPForms surveys and polls. Go on, try and give us your feedback. Just let us know.

Do you not have a licence for WPForms Pro? Click here today to start and experience the difference between WPForms.


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