Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Today we are going to list best google adsense alternatives for bloggers. Google AdSense has long since been the leader in web based marketing. These programs are run by different webmasters who can easily place their JavaScript codes on their websites, which will allow different Google servers to show various kinds of context sensitive advertisements (Google Adwords).

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

However, sometimes you might just be blocked by Google, which is a big cause of concern as you will not be able to flash ads on your site anymore after that. But you can easily try the below alternatives, which will be beneficial for you to market your products and services. Here is a list of best Paying Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers. 

1) Revenuehits

There are people who swear by blogging and earn more than any corporate job. The only way they earn more than any person working for a corporate firm is only with the help of ads. One of the best adsense alternative available in the market is Revenuehits, which has actually helped many bloggers earn more than they ever thought.

Unlike any advertising network, Revenuehits is actually a performance based advertising network. Being a CPA based advertising network, it pays for every eCPM, which has helped many bloggers earn money only by blogging.

This adsense alternative provides ads depending on the traffic generated by the publishing content rather than the advertising need. Therefore, it is considered as a Contextual and Geo Targeted  Ad Network, which initiates traffic oriented ads. One of the main concerns expressed by any blogger is the time it takes to register and get approval for posting ads.

However, it is really very easy to register for Revenuehits. You can register for free and start making money there and then. Any website can register for Revenuehits without any hassle. The navigation is also very easy to manipulate owing to the excellent design and interface of Revenuehits.

2) Propeller Ads Media

Over the recent few years numerous AdSense Alternatives have turned up which have given the option to people all across the globe to gain the advantages of a more competitive ad market in terms of higher CPC rates, increased networks and better revenue potential. Many have had their own success stories. I was looking for such alternate networks when I came across Propeller Ads.

You can check my honest review for Propeller Ads with Payment proofs.

3) Bidvertiser

Offering intriguing ad formats, Bidvertiser has helped many web based marketing firms to ensure the success of their blogs and websites. The best part about this adsense alternative is their free design format, which lets the web designer specify the look and text of the ads without any hassle. You will also find that Bidvertiser also supports XML feeds and Pop-under ads, which creates a beneficial loop for the web based marketing firm.

Now, it is normal that you will pay for CPC to Bidvertiser for every valid click. However, every time a consumer clicks on your ad, Bidvertiser will track those clicks and turn them into valid leads. This actually provides considerable revenue earning for the publisher.

Now, if you are a regular user of Bidvertiser then you can easily install the Bidvertiser toolbar, which provides you easy access to useful tools, your own home page and direct program links. You can easily recreate this toolbar as your own with your website logo, which ensures that your users only use your customized toolbar when searching on the net.

Bidvertiser have also recently introduced two knew features that can boost your earnings:

  • Conversion Bonus
    As far as I am aware Bidvertiser is the first affiliate marketer to offer this seemingly obvious service. As well as paying traditional CPC for each valid click Bidvertiser will now track those clicks and if they turn into valid leads will pay an additional conversion bonus to the publisher. If your site refers a number of high value leads this can lead to a substantial monthly bonus. In many cases this additional bonus can be higher than traditional CPC earnings.
  • Revenue Generating Toolbar
    The second new feature offered by Bidvertiser is the customized revenue generating toolbar. The BidVertiser Toolbar allows you to distribute your own customized toolbar to your website visitors and then earn money when your users use the toolbar for searching. The toolbar is fully customizable allowing logos to be changed, links to your home page added, useful tools, direct program links etc.

If you want you can download an example of the toolbar using the link below to try it out.

Bidvertizer pays you either in $100.00 increments by check or $10.00 increments by PayPal. They also do not require you to complete any tax information or provide a social security number.

Every time any of the users search with this toolbar, you will be earning the revenue for it.

4) Infolinks

In order to get the best out of Infolinks, you will need to make sure that your blog or website is getting most of the traffic. This ads4ense alternative provides four different types of ad posting like intext, inframe, infold and intag. Now all these types have their own way of serving ads.

  • Intext: This will double underline the keywords in your website content so whenever the mouse cursor reaches on the keyword, the ad will be shown.
  • Inframe: This helps your website by showing sliding ads on the website’s sidebars.
  • Infold: This type of ad gives the user relevant ads as per the keywords they have searched before they visit your website.
  • Intag: This actually adds a double underlined keyword below your content, which is shows the relevant ad every time the cursor reaches there.

Now the fact remains that website owners will only sign up for adsense alternatives when they find something, which is similar to Google Adsense. In the case of Infolinks, the approval process is very fast just like Google Adsense.

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Even websites with very less content and visitors can easily get an approval from posting the ads. As mentioned earlier if your website has a decent traffic then you will have a strong revenue generation from this adsense alternative.


This adsense alternative is slowly grabbing the attention of many web based marketing websites and firms. Not the easiest name to remember, this alternative provides some of the best options when it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action) to different publishers and advertisers. You can get a quick and easy approval as does not require any US social security number.

After you sign up, you will asked to confirm your email address. The moment you confirm and validate the email address, you are approved to post ads. supports blogs along with news feeds and regular web pages. Along with this, the publisher has full control of the account. Account management under provides the publisher to keep a watch on real time management of campaigns and statistical data. It also helps the publisher to check the earnings and withdrawals in historical and month-to-date mode.

Apart from this, there are no administrative or network fees in, therefore, you do not pay anything at the time of joining. One of the most sought after features in different web based ads is privacy and account security. does not gather any personal information. They only require the non-identifying information that is necessary for posting your ads.

When a user clicks on the ad not only do you get paid for the ads but also for the resulting action. Therefore, has become quite profitable for many web based marketing firms.


When web based marketing firms look for different platforms of marketing other than Google Adsense, they need something, which is quite similar to it. Therefore, has become so popular in the market. This adsense alternative is quite similar to Google Adsense as it provides relevant ads as per web content presented by you.

Let’s suppose that your blogpost is all about different types of smart phones and their related applications, will only show ads related to smart phones and related applications. This actually helps in increasing the chances of clicks in your website. is also known for supporting different types of ad formats like video, images, text and rich media. Now, this ensures that you have the choice of opting for any of these formats as per your content and budget. This feature has given many web based marketers the flexibility of choosing their own design along with color scheme and size. One of the best features in is dynamic optimization.

This feature actually helps the user to optimize between text and display for each and every expression without running separate tags for both.

7) Skimlinks

With the tag line “Unlock the cash in your content”, it really works the same way. This adsense alternative helps in monetizing different phrases in your content thereby converting them into various types of affiliate links. Apart from this,  Skimlinks can also take the normal and regular links in your content and redirect them to their affiliate servers.

This process is completely automatic. All you need to do is upload and add the JavaScript code to your content, and you are ready to go.  There is no need for you to sign up for any network links or approvals.

It is a simple and hassle free registration and sign up. As it supports all types of blogs and collation sites, Skimlinks has become very popular in the market.

8) Qadabra

Known as AdsGadget in the past, this adsense alternative is one of the best Self-serve Ad Platform in the market. This platform has enabled many people to earn considerable revenue in blogging through eCPM.

The rates available on this platform are also considered to be the best in the market, which has enabled many publishers to choose this platform as a Google Adsense alternative. Being a self serve and performance based ad platform, it offers the best available revenue even with a decent traffic. One of the best features of Qadabra is that there is no need for any approval. All you need to do is sign up and register.

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After a few minutes you are good to go. It pays for all types of clicks like CPM, PPC and CPA. You can easily track your posted ads with the help of the dashboard provided at the time of registration.

9) Clicksor

One of the biggest issues faced by many bloggers and website owners are the strict and non-changeable rules of Google Adsense. Sometimes this creates a big issue as bloggers are blocked from posting ads.

Clicksor is much more tolerant compared to Google, which has propelled its demand in the market as an adsense alternative. Owing to their high cost per click bid values and payouts, it is now being considered as one of the leaders in small publisher Adsense market. Here, your ads are very content sensitive, therefore, even after you putting keywords in the content, their software will detect ads that is relevant as per you published content.

This creates a double impact on your viewers as they are not only reading about the products but also getting ad suggestions  about the same products. This technique actually generates more revenue compared to other techniques. This increases the click ratio ensuring a better and improved revenue generation for the publisher. You can easily keep a track on the clicks and revenue generated by you through your account created at the time of registration.

10) VigLink

This adsense alternative works by monetizing your keywords. It also help you convert these links to different affiliate links. They are able to pick up the regular links in your content and redirect them to various types of affiliate links through their servers.

Their servers are also able to take different keywords from your content and convert them into affiliate links, which ensures better revenue generation for the publisher.

Apart from this, in case you want to share you links through different social networking sites, then you can just create a VigLink Anywhere link. This link can be posted on these sites without any hassle. As there is no contract that you are entering in at the time of sign up, you can easily remove VigLink in case you do not like its services. However, once you try this adsense alternative, you will simply fall in love with it.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

11) Intellilinks

Quite similar to different adsense alternative, Intellilinks gives you a cutting edge technology along with a seamless network, which ensures best revenue generation for bloggers and publishers alike. You are total control of the ads as this platform just needs to installed with the help of the simple setup file.

Apart from this, it has also provided the bloggers the facility to sell different types of text links, which earns more revenue for the publishers. There is no fee or pre-approval required for joining Intellilinks.

12) Dynamic Oxygen

Relatively new in the field, Dynamic Oxygen has shown immense potential in this domain. They are not focused on only high -end publishers, which ensures their high popularity. They accept all types of publishes who want to covert their links into full revenue potential.

They feature some of the best available targeted ads as per the traffic generated by your content. This ensures that your links get the highest eCPM revenue. Along with this, you will also find different ad formats that are not so commonly used in web based marketing like Anchor Ads, Layer Ads, Interstitials and Peeler Ads. With timely payments and superb support, Dynamic Oxygen is gradually rising the ladder in the web based marketing world.

13) Chitika

Closely associated with Yahoo, this adsense alternative is one of the best in terms of size of network and revenue generation. With its “Click Prediction” technology, it is able to inform the bloggers and publishes, which ads will generate more revenue and traffic.

In the recent times, Chitika has actually proven to be one of the channels for targeting different types of qualified buyers and on-line consumers. Bloggers and publishers have chosen this adsense alternative as this has provided them daily ad revenue, which is not even available on Google Adsense.

The above mentioned adsense alternative are all known for their excellent performance. You can easily generate considerable revenue by joining anyone of them.

What type of other monetization programs you are using on your blog, do you want us  to include more monetization programs please  let us know in comments below.


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