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Is it safe to buy on Banggood?

When it comes to buying products from a China-based online shop we get many questions, like – is this site reliable? Will offered goods meet quality requirements? When will I get my ordered products? Will I have additionally to pay for customs, import taxes, or other fees? These questions may appear before or during shopping on Bangood. So in this post, I will answer and explain what do you need to know, when shopping on Banggood.

Credibility of Banggood

Banggood is carrying international e-commerce services for more, than 10 years. It is focused on cross-border online shopping, which is concentrated on costumer. Banggood’s mottos “Best bang for your buck” and “Good life doesn’t cost a fortune” mean that you will get high-quality goods, that are on exclusive deals and special promotions. Banggood has more than 37 overseas warehouses, delivers to more than 200 countries and has more than 40 different secure payment methods.

Banggood is committed to these guarantees and services:

  • 7 days DOA (Dead On Arrival) product guarantee.
    If an item, that you received is damaged, different or not working, you can choose to replace or refund it.
  • 14 days No reason Return.
    If you don’t like the received item, you can return it and get a refund – the price of the item minus shipping fees.
  • 180 days quality guarantee for most items.
    If an item stops working or has other issues it will be repaired, replaced or refunded.
  • 1-year free repair for specific products.
    Products like electric scooters/bicycles, mobile phones, computers, and tablets are covered by a 1-year quality warranty.
  • 24/7 customer service.
    You can contact customer service any moment of the day via FB messenger, live chat or phone.

It needs to be noted, that if you will be using 180 days quality guarantee, Banggood will reimburse the return shipping fee in the value of 35% of the product price and $40 (€35.90) at maximum.

In the case of a 1-year quality warranty of electric scooter/bicycles, you can not return it, because of heavyweight and high shipping fees, in this situation Banggood will offer compensation for repair, parts replacement, technical support.

As for computers, if you will be using the 1-year quality warranty, Banggood will refund 50% of the return shipping fee if they cost more than $15 (€13.50) but less than $60 (€53.90).

As well for mobile phones, if you are using a 1-year quality warranty on them, you will get no reimbursement for return shipping fees. Because they are lightweight, a package for them is small, so fees for return shipping are low.

Shipping, customs and import taxes (VAT)

There are various shipping methods on Banggood. Most of them take a while. And it is understandable because goods are coming from China and customs, import tax (VAT) clearance takes time. These are the most popular shipping methods on Banggood:

EU Priority Line (For Europe)
No customs duties and import taxes
7-15 business days delivery

EU Priority Line is the most popular delivery method, that I use. Because It is free of customs duties and import taxes. In this method, Banggood firstly sends the goods to the warehouse in the European Union, here ordered goods get clearance of customs and import taxes. When ordered goods are free of customs and import taxes, they are going to the delivery address.

Priority Direct Mail
No customs duties and import taxes
7-12 business days delivery

Priority Direct Mail is like the EU Priority Line shipping method, but it is mainly delivered by regular mail instead of parcel companies.

European Railway Direct Mail (For Europe)
No customs duties and import taxes
40-50 business days delivery

European Railway Direct Mail shipping method is similar to EU Priority Line, except that this method is for heavier goods, like electric scooters or bicycles, so they are coming by train and it takes a while.

Ocean Shipping (For United States)
No customs duties and import taxes
40-50 business days delivery

Ocean Shipping method is similar to European Railway Direct Mail, except that this method is for customers in the United States and goods are coming to the US by ship. You should not have to pay customs and other import taxes when you get products by this shipping method. As Banggood indicates prices are already inclusive of customs duties, so customers do not need to worry about paying extra customs duties.

Air Parcel Register
Risk of paying customs duties and import taxes
7-20 business days delivery

Air Parcel Register is the riskiest shipping method among the above-mentioned delivery ways. Because you may be taxed as you get your goods. Although, as I analyzed reviews about Air Parcel Register shipping method on Banggood, most of the people which were using this shipping method, have been not taxed.

Banggood EU, US, and other warehouses

If you want that product would come quickly without customs and import taxes (VAT) to your house. You could look for them in your local Banggood warehouse. Click this link To Shop on local warehouses (EU, US, UK, AU, RU and others).

Worst-case scenario

Let’s analyze the worst that can happen if you order goods from Banggood. My mind comes to these cases – shipment has gone missing, the product is damaged or you get taxed.

Shipment insurance or Paypal buyer protection

To have absolutely no risk, that your shipment could go missing, use Banggood shipment insurance (costs from 1 to 10 euros/dollars) or buy products using Paypal, this way you will get Paypal buyer protection and if your shipment will go missing, you will get a refund or the new same item will be sent to you again.

Also, if your goods will be damaged when you get it, you can use Banggood 7 days DOA guarantee or Paypal buyer protection. And you will get a refund or the new same item will be sent to you again. I would always recommend paying on Banggood using Paypal because it is good to have Paypal buyer protection behind your back.

If you get taxed

When you getting goods using one of the above-mentioned shipping methods, in most cases Banggood issues Tariff Insurance which states If the Customs Agency imposes import duties on an order covered by tariff insurance, you will receive full reimbursement of the duties of your order. So in this situation, if you will have to pay for customs or other import taxes, Banggood will refund you with all your fees, that you have to pay for Customs Agency (Except for processing costs).

What happens if your order does not have Tariff insurance? In cases where Banggood in product details states – The above prices are already inclusive of customs duties, you could, also, seek reimbursement from Banggood for all import taxes, that you had to pay because these fees are included in their prices.

One way or another, it is always good to know, what import taxes may apply to you. Therefore, I will tentatively analyze, what customs and import taxes are applicable in Europe and the United States if the goods are coming from China.

Customs and import taxes in the European Union

As the European Commission indicates, if you buy products from China, you became liable to Customs and Value Added Tax (VAT). But these taxes could be included in product price, as Banggood indicates in many cases.

Customs (EU)
Value of the goods must be over €150
0% For mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PC
2.2% For vacuum cleaners
6% For electric scooters and bicycle
The average is about 21%

21% is the average VAT rate in EU countries because it could vary depending on the EU country.

Example: if you buy a vacuum cleaner from China for €300 and shipping cost €10, the sum of the customs would be €6.82 (310*2.2%). And the sum of VAT would be €66.53 (316.82*21%). So in overall (all taxes included), the price would be €373.35.

If you wish to find more info about EU import taxes and actual tariffs, please check the European Commission website about it.

Customs and import taxes in the United States

As, I know, in the US you do not have to pay VAT, instead there is Sale tax, which depends on what state goods are imported. There is also a Merchandise Processing Fee.

Customs (US)
Value of the goods must be over $200
0% For mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PC
0% For vacuum cleaners
0% For electric scooters and bicycle
Sale Tax (US)
The average is about 3.5%
Merchandise Processing Fee (US)
Value of the goods less than $2500
$2, $6, or $9 per shipment

Example: if you buy a vacuum cleaner from China for $300 and shipping cost $10, the sum of the customs would be $0 (310*0%). The sum of Sale Tax would be $10.85 (310*3.5%). And the Merchandise Processing Fee would be $6. So in overall (all taxes included), the price for vacuum cleaner would be $310+$10.85+$6=$326.85

If you wish to find more about US import taxes, please check the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, and for actual tariffs U. S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Also, it needs to be noted, as “Trade war” between the U.S. and China escalates, there can be customs tariffs increase.

Reviews and comments about Banggood

As I was searching for reviews, comments, and complaints about Banggood, I found almost none of them were related to paying import taxes, low product quality or bad quality service. Most of the complaints included a long delivery time. But it is logical because goods are traveling from China, also clearance of customs takes time.

A company like Banggood sells thousands of goods to customers all across the world, so it goes without saying that there can be some mistakes. But, as I know, Banggood is giving it’s best efforts to solve any problem or to help in any way.


So, if you are thinking to buy any product on Banggood, I would say go ahead. Because it is a trustworthy company on which you can get a high-quality product for a very low price. Nevertheless, I would always recommend using Paypal, when making a transaction on Banggood. To get buyers protection and to be 100 % safe.

In terms of import taxes, in many cases, Banggood pays import taxes for you, but to be 100 % sure, please check if the product, that you are buying has Tariff insurance or there is a statement in the product description, that the customs duties are included in the price.

The worst thing about Banggood is a long delivery. But for that, you will get wished products at a cheaper price. Because you will cut out the middle man, who is selling these products in your country. In my cases, I saved about 30-40% of the product price.

If you have any comments, questions or do you need any help, please contact me by email.

To shop on Banggood please click this link

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